I am an independent jewelry appraiser in Nashville.  While you watch, I will prepare a professional and thorough appraisal document of your jewelry that will be accepted by your insurance company.  Your portfolio includes a digital photograph of your jewelry and a detailed, gemologically-correct description that will leave no “wiggle-room” if the item ever needs to be replaced. In most cases, your appraisal documents are ready for you when you leave my office. 

I appraise diamonds, colored gemstones, pearls, antique jewelry, as well as many watches.  I do estate appraisals, perform gem identifications,  fine jewelry and gem collection photography, confirmations of purchase, and can advise you on purchasing and selling jewelry. 

Inherited collections of  is it even real? jewels are quickly sorted and categorized: fine jewelry, costume jewelry, and so on. 

I am a Graduate Gemologist (GIA) - Appraiser.  I adhere to Gemological Institute of America grading standards. I am an American Society of Appraisers Candidate. 

Customer Benefits:

  • I am independent.  I don't buy or sell jewelry, diamonds or gems; I don't buy and sell gold.  My position allows me to act with no conflict of interest.
  • Watch every step as I work.  Your gemstones and jewelry don’t have to leave your sight.

  • Your appraisals are most often ready immediately. 
  • I will give you a thorough, current and unbiased appraisal for you to provide your insurance company, including a digital copy to send immediately (information on obtaining insurance is part of the package).
       First, I determine what you need.  I want to provide top-quality, usable valuation services that will address your circumstance.  I don't want to do work you don't need.  


Appraisal fees start at $ 100, but are based on item liability, complexity and purpose of the appraisal, as these determine the time required to do a thorough job.  I will examine the piece and quote the fee before performing the work. 

You may not even need a full appraisal; a simple consultation, verification of purchase or other service will be recommended if more appropriate.  

I won't take shortcuts on insurance appraisals.  My task is to protect you by making it clear to your insurance company: this is what you own, and this is what will be replaced..      "...Failure to state all elements of value in an item's description is to fall short of due diligence." says William Hofer, FGA,.  I agree.

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